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"So tell me, what's become of my ship?"
Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Dead Men Tell No Tales. Caution is advised.
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Biographical information


Ethnic group


Eye color

Pale Brown

Hair color




Also known as

Captain Salazar

Weapon(s) owned


Ship(s) captained or crewed

Silent Mary


Attack on the British warship


Crew of the Silent Mary

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Latest appearance

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Javier Bardem

"Jack Sparrow. Do you know this pirate?"
"Only by name."
"Find Sparrow for me, and relay a message from Capitán Salazar, and tell him... Death will come straight for him. Will you say that to him? Please?
―Salazar and Henry[src]

Armando Salazar was a ghost capitán who operated from the 18th century. Currently not much is known about him, except that he led deadly ghost sailors and was an old nemesis to Jack Sparrow in his teenage years[1]. At some point, he would become imprisoned in a place known as the Devil's Triangle. He would later escape, seeking the Trident of Poseidon to kill every pirate at sea and exact revenge on Jack.

Behind the scenes

  • Captain Salazar will be portrayed by Javier Bardem in Dead Men Tell No Tales.[2]
  • Before officially casting Javier Bardem for Dead Men Tell No Tales, Christoph Waltz was rumored to be the original choice for the role.[3] At that time, the character was referred to as "Captain John Brand"; a feared pirate hunter who returned from the dead as a ghost to kill Jack Sparrow whom he held responsible for the death of his brother Eric. Rumors claim that the name "Brand" was changed to "Salazar" to sound more Mediterranean to accompany Javier Bardem's Spanish descent.
  • Salazar is the first antagonist character in the series to be Spanish.
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