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Dead Man's Chest

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Dead Man's Chest


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Matthew Bowyer

"There's a female presence amongst us. All the men, they can feel it."
"The ghost of a lady, widowed before her marriage, I figure it. Searching for her husband, lost at sea."
"A virgin, too, likely as not. And that bodes ill by all accounts.
Quartermaster, Sailor and Cook[src]

This man was a sailor aboard the Edinburgh Trader during the time of the East India Trading Company's appearance in Port Royal.


Whilst mopping the deck, the sailor stumbled upon the dress of stow-away Elizabeth Swann. After presumably alerting the quartermaster and the bursar, a row broke out between these two over what they perceived to be a ghostly threat represented by the dress. The deckhand thought the dress to be that of a young woman widowed before her marriage, and that her spirit was searching for her husband lost at sea.

During the night Elizabeth Swann puppeteered her dress to give Captain Bellamy a "ghostly" message to dock at Tortuga. When the Quartermaster spotted what he thought to be the ghost's sign the deckhand disparagingly noted "that's seaweed". The next day, the sailor was forced to watch as his captain was pulled from the ship by a tentacle of the Kraken. He survived the Kraken attack that destroyed the ship, but was killed by Penrod onboard the Flying Dutchman.

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Captain: Bellamy
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