Ben and Sadie Clubheart

The ghosts of Sadie Clubheart and her husband Ben Clubheart

"Ever have you're soul haggled over?"
―Sadie Clubheart[src]

Sadie Clubheart was an inhabitant of Raven's Cove. After her death, her ghost could be found in the Raven's Cove tavern, along side Ben Clubheart who is persumed to be her husband.


Both Sadie and Ben were killed in a huge battle of Raven's Cove that included Jolly Roger and the EITC. The battle lasted three days.

When the fight ended, each side left with half of the share of El Patron's Lost Weapons. In their wake of destruction, the island itself was left in shambles and its small population completely wiped out - except for one lone man, who ended up going insane. Sadie and Ben were both killed in Raven Cove's destruction. It is not said where exactly they were killed, but they both haunt their tavern. A picture of them when they were alive, hangs in the tavern.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, as part of the Raven's Cove quests, female pirates will have to disguise themselves as Sadie to get inside the Skeleton Poker club. The resale and purchase prices are the same for each individual article of clothing required, so you can sell the items right back and take back your investment. Sadie's Clothes have to be purchased in order to get into the Undead Poker Club.


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