Sadana was a beautiful and deadly young mermaid who resided at Whitecap Bay. She remained unknown and hardly unseen during the incidents that followed the arrival of the pirates of the caribbean.



Nearly nothing is known about this daughter of the sea. One can presume, that she's been raised close to the waters of Whitecap Bay and spent most of the time among her sisters. It is definetly possible that Sadana has seen human beings before the Queen Anne's Revenge arrived, because british engineers (and probably soldiers) have built a lighthouse at the coast. When this gets destroyed by Blackbeard and his men, Sadana, along with the other mermaids, flees into the so called »stranger tides« of Whitecap Bay. She was never seen again up to the present day, but she remains anywhere in the deep sea near the bay.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sadana is one of the more inconspicuous mermaids, because she doesn't come as close to the pirates as some of the others. The reason for this might be the mindful care she takes of herself. As her look and name suggest, protecting her beauty and soul is essential and important to her.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sadana was portrayed by Daphne Joy in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  • Originally the mermaid didn't have a name, but Daphne Joy suggested the name Sadana when she was asked during an interview.
  • Sadana is hardly seen in the final film.
  • Daphne is a siren's name in greek mythology. She is a naiad, the kind of siren linked to all kinds of waters.
  • Sadana is a sanskrit word (सदन) meaning »place«, »home«, »location«, »refuge« and »water.« Sādhanā is also a spiritual practice including disciplines from several eastern traditions, that are followed in order to achieve various spiritual objectives.
  • Daphne is a greek word (Δάφνη) meaning »Laurel«


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