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Robert Silehard
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1631, aboard the RMS Manowar at the coast of Khoal Roa


Arabella Silehard (daughter)



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English fleet and army

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English Royal Navy

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Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

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Pirates of the Caribbean (game)


Ship captured/destroyed by Nathaniel Hawk

"When we finally meet the French in battle, the less gunpowder they have, the better."
―Robert Silehard to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Sir Robert Christopher Silehard was the Governor of Redmond in the 1630s. Around the time of Captain Nathaniel Hawk's exploits in the Caribbean Sea, Silehard was involved in a plot to seek out a potentially cursed treasure located somewhere in the Caribbean archipelago.


"I heard that Redmond Governor ordered once to seize some merchant and put him in a jail for small tavern fight. But actually he ordered that just because he wanted to grab that merchant's goods."
Henry to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Silehard claimed to have a loaded pistol in his desk at all times. Silehard was rumoured to have imprisoned a merchant for a petty bar fight in order to seize his stocks.

When Captain Nathaniel Hawk arrived at Redmond, Silehard almost confiscated Nathaniel's vessel, the Victory. However, Silehard turned Hawk into a spy whose task was to find out information about the French's plans in Oxbay. Silehard then sendt him to block Oiseau from delivering ammo to the French Army. After that, he sent Nathaniel to recover missing Incan treasures, which were probably the idols needed to destroy the Black Pearl.

Nathaniel tried to buy the idols from the pirate leader Alistair Garcilaso, the pirate boss in the Douwesen hideout. However one idol was missing because someone claimed to have already taken it. Silehard then sent another man to look after the idol. He then sent Nathaniel to look for the English traitor Raoul Rheims. Hawk failed the mission but eventually found him in Douwesen Tavern with Danielle Greene and Vincent Bethune.

Rheims got sick and died, and when Greene heard that Hawk works for the Redmond Governor, she stabbed him before he could even defend himself. Rheims claimed that he told Danielle that Silehard is actually looking for cursed idols and that he actually doesn't know much about them. Nathaniel Hawk later gained consciousness and tried to find Danielle.

Eventually Nathaniel found out that Silehard was trying to kill Danielle. Nathaniel and Danielle asked some questions to Silehard, but the governor refused and called two guards. Soon Nathaniel and Danielle were considered to be pirates.

When Lieutenant Harris imprisoned the scientist Clement Aurentis, Nathaniel sieged the Greenford fort and captureed the colony in order to free Clement. When Nathaniel attempted to port at Khael Roa, he encountered a huge Man-of-War captained by Governor Silehard himself, with three  other 3rd class pirate ships. Nathaniel soon defeated Silehard's ship, killing the Governor.