Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
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Career information
Port of registry

Unknown (possibly Falaise de Fleur)


Rabel Yvernau


Rabel Yvernau
Nathaniel Hawk (temporarily)



Technical information



Probably 40-60 feet




Several cannons


Escape from Oxbay


French Royal Navy
English Royal Navy (after escaping Oxbay)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

Last appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)


Unknown; escapes from three ships and a French-captured fortress

The Rivoli was a French corvette commanded by Captain Rabel Yvernau, an agent of Governor Robert Silehard and co-agent of Captain Nathaniel Hawk.

The ship was used during Nathaniel and Rabel's operation to uncover French plans in Oxbay. When the French learned of Rabel and Nathaniel's true agenda, they set out to attack the two spies; however, the two escaped the clutches of the guards, and set out to sail for Redmond under hot pursuit from three powerful warships and fire from the guns of Oxbay's French-captured fort. But the Rivoli, a mere corvette,was much smaller and lighter than the two frigates and battleship that chased her; this allowed her to out-sail them easily, as well as escape from the range of the fort's guns.

After their narrow escape, Nathaniel and Rabel were safely able to return to port Redmond. The Rivoli was returned to Captain Rabel's command, and Nathaniel retrieved his own ship, the Victory.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Interestingly, if the player decides to sail near any of the three enemy warships during the escape, no "Board" button appears. Also, the three ships, as well as the fort, seem to have been rendered invincible.


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