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General information

Caribbean Sea

Points of interest

Devil's Throat
Rocky shore

Notable inhabitants

Robert Christopher Silehard
Arabella Silehard


English Royal Navy

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

"Is there anything on this island besides the town?"
"Hm... There's a magnificant mountain range... jungle which is of no use to anyone... desolate sand beaches... and that's it. The excitement is inside the town walls.
Nathaniel Hawk and Jacob Bewighte[src]

Redmond was a large British colony located in the Caribbean during the early 17th century. At this time it was under the administration of Governor Robert Christopher Silehard.


"Redmond's history? Hmm... The colony was founded about twenty-five years ago... The island is rich and fertile, and the colony grew quickly... Now it's the biggest and most thriving settlement in the whole archipelago."
Jacob Bewighte to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Redmond was the largest and most populous port located in the South Archipelago of the Caribbean Sea in which the exploits of Captain Nathaniel Hawk took place. At night the streets were patrolled by British troops who would usher those breaking curfew indoors.

Redmond had a store, a shipyard, a tavern, a church, a Governor's Residence/Town Hall , and a Loanshark's office. Redmond appeared to have many gates leading to many villages of the colony. Beside the church was a graveyard; many Redmond houses were decorated with the skulls of cows or bulls. Redmond also had a dungeon and a prison. Inside the dungeon were undead pirates, and a dead Scottish warrior, still in uniform, held the powerful blade called "Highlander".

Before being rescued by Silehard in the prison, Nathaniel Hawk met a jailer named Edgar Attwood. Edgar Attwood was fond of having new prisoners, and claimed not to be a "humble jailer", but the best cannoneer in the archipelago. Edgar Attwood lurked in Redmond's prison from this event until Nathaniel Hawk appointed him an officer.

Redmond's fort was known to be extremely sturdy and indestructive, and can be compared in the strongest European fortresses in history.




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