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Red Duchess
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Armada of the Damned

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Armada of the Damned


The Red Duchess was a woman from France who lived on the island of Tortuga during the early 18th century.


A sailor's daughter, she became a royal courtisan at the age of 17, and enjoyed all the Louvre could offer and more. One day she overheard the conversation about the assassination of the King, Louis XIV, and she tried to save him.

Unfortunately, the blame was put on her and she had to kill two policemen to save her life but got captured and sentenced to death by beheading. A Marquis, who was madly in love with her, helped her escape and put her on a ship to India. After a few months of open seas, the ship was attacked by pirates. Everyone aboard was killed, but she saved herself by becoming the captain's mistress.

One night there was a feast over the capture of another ship and pretty much everyone got completely drunk. Armed only with a knife, she slaughtered the whole crew and single-handedly got the ship to Tortuga. There, she took on her new name and earned respect of the other pirates with tales of her deeds.


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