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The Price of FreedomEdit

Spoken by Don RafaelEdit

"When I asked him later on how he was managing without the hand, he said that it wasn't so bad, the hook was as good as a dagger in a fight."
―Don Rafael on James[src]
"We should find them and deal with them. We know the seas better than any naval vessel."
―Don Rafael on rogue pirates[src]
"Captain Teague, I believe what we've heard just now justifies a search of Borya's ship."
―Don Rafael to Edward Teague[src]
"We must get to the truth of this. The reputation of the Brethren Court—and my granddaughter—depends on our finding the truth and dealing with those who have flouted the Code. I believe extreme measures are called for. There is one who will know the truth. We must summon him."
―Don Rafael to the Pirate Lords[src]
"These rogue pirates threaten our freedom, our way of life. They have brazenly defied the Code. We must act."
―Don Rafael to the Pirate Lords[src]
"Señor Sparrow...Teague dismisses you as a mere boy. But I disagree. Only a man could have stood his ground and heard Davy Jones speak his name."
―Don Rafael to Jack Sparrow[src]

Spoken about Don RafaelEdit

"All the Pirate Lords speak well of him. He's held in great respect."
Jack Sparrow[src]
"He is my hero. We are the only family left to each other."
"Don Rafael's quick with his blade. Even at his age, he'd spit you like a suckling pig, and I wouldn't lift my little finger to stop him."
Edward Teague to Jack Sparrow[src]


"Ahoy, Venganza!"
"Ahoy, Captain Teague! The Pirate Lord of the Caribbean presents his compliments!
Edward Teague and Don Rafael[src]
"You'll never guess who I encountered at Oporto a few months ago!"
"Who was that?"
―Don Rafael and Edward Teague[src]
"Did he brag as much as he used to?"
"No, and that was strange, too, James was a lot more...subdued. You remember his temper. He’d fly into such rages."
"I kept expecting his crew to slit his throat in his sleep and send him to Davy Jones. But they were all too frightened of him.
Mistress Ching, Don Rafael and Eduardo Villanueva[src]
"Don Rafael, I would be honored to accompany the Lady Esmeralda back to your vessel."
"Why, that would be very nice. Thank you, Jack."
"Thank you, lad.
Jack Sparrow, Esmeralda and Don Rafael[src]
"We thank you for your assistance, Captain Jones. Borya has broken the Code, and yet he dared to dock his ship in the cove. We will send him to join you, and soon."
―Don Rafael and Davy Jones[src]
"Another Code-breaker? In Shipwreck Cove?"
"Aye. That one sent me the one you call Tommy, two nights ago."
"What is his name, Captain Jones?"
"He is not present. If he were, I could tell you his name. I know only the ship he sails, when he sends me dead. A fine brigantine.
Edward Teague, Davy Jones, and Don Rafael[src]
"I am sorry you had to see this, corazón."
"I am all right. I am glad we now know the truth.
―Don Rafael and Esmeralda[src]

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