The last words spoken by individuals before their deaths in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.


Last words spoken by individuals before their deaths in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

The Curse of the Black PearlEdit

"No fair!"
Jacoby before his body exploded[src]
"I feel...cold."
Hector Barbossa on Isla de Muerta (resurrected later)[src]

Dead Man's ChestEdit

"Snake! Ah!"
Leech on Isla de Pelegostos[src]
"I'll take my chances, sir."
Chaplain to Davy Jones aboard the scuttled ship[src]
"Free the rudder! Hard to port then hard to starboard!"
Bellamy moments before being claimed by the Kraken[src]
"It's here! Take it! Take it!"
Bursar, offering Elizabeth Swann's dress to the Kraken[src]
"Sorry mate! It's every man for himself!"
Quartermaster to Will Turner shortly before the Kraken attacks[src] (deleted scene)
"Hello beastie."
Jack Sparrow to the Kraken (resurrected later)[src]

At World's EndEdit

"Never shall we die."
Cabin Boy, singing Hoist the Colours[src]
"Forgive me...Calypso."
Sao Feng to Elizabeth Swann[src]
"Sri Sumbhajee proclaims this all to be folly! Hang the Code! Who gives a—"
Askay to the Brethren Court before being shot by Edward Teague[src]
"Prepare to board!"
Ian Mercer before being strangled by Davy Jones[src]
"I'm not going to kill you. I've made you a promise."
Will Turner to Bootstrap Bill Turner (resurrected later)[src]
Davy Jones aboard the Flying Dutchman (resurrected later)[src]
"It's just...good business."
Cutler Beckett aboard the HMS Endeavour[src]

On Stranger TidesEdit

"...Ponce de León."
Sailor to King Ferdinand[src]
Cook to Blackbeard[src]
"Light 'em up! Muster your courage! Drive 'em to shore!"
Purser during the battle at Whitecap Bay[src]
"This land is hereby forever claimed in the glorious name of His Majesty, King George—"
Theodore Groves at the Fountain of Youth[src]
"The Fountain!"
"Trickster! Devil!"
Blackbeard to Jack Sparrow[src]

Dead Men Tell No TalesEdit

"What are you?"
Toms to Armando Salazar[src]
"It's up to you now, Jack. This compass points towards what you want most. Never betray it."
Morgan to Jack Sparrow[src]
"Capitán! Capitán!"


Last words spoken by individuals before their defeats or deaths in the Pirates of the Caribbean games.

The Legend of Jack SparrowEdit

"Curse you a thousand times, Jack Sparrow. I'll not see you skewered this day—no. But another one, aye. You have my word on that."
Black Smoke James[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean OnlineEdit

"What? Can't take a joke?"
Captain Bo Beck[src]

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