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Main article: Jocard

Spoken by Jocard

"Much thanks, Jack, thought I'd be stuck in those bones forever."
―being released from a skeleton cage in Davy Jones' Locker[src]
"Calypso was our enemy then, she will be our enemy now."
―on Calypso[src]
"Gentleman Jocard!"
―casting his vote for a new Pirate King[src]
"You got to vote for me! You got to vote for me!"
―to Jack Sparrow[src]
"Next time, you best think twice before takin' on Gentleman Jocard."
―while duelling[src]
"You are very much a disappointment."
―upon defeating his opponent.[src]
"I hope you enjoyed that. I certainly did."
―upon killing an opponent.[src]
"Even I am impressed by my skill."
"Excuse me, you do know we are in a fight?"

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