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The Price of Freedom Edit

Spoken by Ian MercerEdit

"You know, Mr. Beckett, with women, they're...timid. Easily frightened. Not like a man."
―Mercer to Cutler Beckett[src]
"To capture an entire city, Mr. Beckett, will take a private army."
―Ian Mercer to Cutler Beckett[src]

Spoken about Ian MercerEdit

"I fear I am not—and Mercer certainly is not—charming."
Cutler Beckett to Jack Sparrow[src]
"That brute scares me, too, with those black gloves."
Jack Sparrow[src]


"Who's there?"
"It's Mercer, sir. I've located something I think you should see.
Cutler Beckett and Mercer[src]
"Permission to come aboard, Captain Sparrow?"
"Who's the Scotsman?"
"That's Mr. Beckett's assistant, Ian Mercer.
―Ian Mercer, Jack Sparrow, and Eugene Parker[src]
"Ah, Mr. Mercer. Hot day, isn't it? What brings you here?"
"Captain Sparrow, Mr. Beckett wants to see you immediately. There’s someone he wants you to meet.
Jack Sparrow and Mercer[src]
"Me tongue feels like a strip cut from a cat."
"No, mate, leather. A cat o' nine tails. Used for floggings at sea. Nasty things.
Jack Sparrow and Ian Mercer[src]
"Did you find someone to plant aboard Sparrow's ship?"
"Yes, Mr. Beckett. One of the men I've used before, Samuel Newton by name, has agreed to sign on for the voyage. He's never sailed before, except as a passenger, but he was apprenticed to a carpenter, so he's got a very useful skill.
Cutler Beckett and Ian Mercer[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Edit

Spoken by MercerEdit

"Evening, Gov'ner. Shame, huh? He was carrying this. It's a letter to the King. It's from you."
―Mercer to Weatherby Swann, after he killed Hawkins[src]


"Where is she?"
―Mercer and Weatherby Swann[src]
"I had you brought here because I thought you'd be interested in the whereabouts of your daughter."
"You have news of her?"
"Most recently seen on the island of Tortuga. The left in the company of the known pirate, Jack Sparrow, and other fugitives from justice.
Lord Cutler Beckett, Weatherby Swann and Mercer[src]
"The last of our ships has returned."
"Is there any news on the chest?"
"None. But, one of the ships did pick up a man, adrift at sea. He had these.
―Mercer and Cutler Beckett[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Edit

Spoken by MercerEdit

"To arms! We give no quarter!"
―Mercer to the crew of the Flying Dutchman[src]
"Main battery at the ready!"
―Mercer to the crew of the Flying Dutchman[src]
"Prepare to board!"
―Mercer to the crew of the Flying Dutchman[src]


"Bloody hell. There's nothing left."
"Jones is a loose cannon, sir."
"Fetch the chest.
Cutler Beckett and Mercer[src]
"My men are crew enough."
"Company ship, company crew.
Sao Feng and Mercer[src]
"Beckett agreed, the Black Pearl was to be mine."
"Lord Beckett's not going to give up the only ship as can outrun the
Dutchman, is he?"
Sao Feng and Mercer[src]
"Veer off!"
"She'll not harm us. Full-bore and into the abyss!"
"Are you mad?"
"Ha! You afraid to get wet?
―Mercer and Davy Jones[src]

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