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Main article: Giselle

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code: Wedlocked


"You. Corner of Dock Street and Third Avenue. You come for the wedding?"
"You shouldn't have. And by that, I mean, you shouldn't have."
"You are getting married? How far along are you?"
"Ha! My groom has dreamy eyes and speaks fancy words, with lots of syllables."
"My groom is a cap'n. Men all over the world speak his name..."
[showing off her finger which wore engagement ring with a red-ish diamond]
[showing off a very similar ring]"Perhaps you've heard of my fiancé?"
[both]"Jack Sparrow?"
[both growl in anger]
"That scoundrel! Thinks he can marry the both of us!
―Giselle and Scarlett[src]
"How dare you!"
"Where is Jack?"
―Giselle and Scarlett[src]
"You're not believing the trickery in those locks, are ya?"
"There's no trickery here!"
"Oh, then it must be elsewhere, is that it?"
"Pony up for this one, you'll be scraping a barnacle from the hull for a week!"
―Giselle and Scarlett[src]
"We're rich."
"We have goats."
[Scarlett and Giselle laugh before being shackled by the Auctioneer]
"I...I am rich. I have goats. I regret to inform you that, as facilitator of this transaction, I take in form of commission a fair percentage.
―Giselle, Scarlett and the Auctioneer[src]
"Next time I see him, I'll be re-acquainting Jack Sparrow with the palm of my hand."
"So will I. Not that I didn't trust Jack, but in case he got cold feet, I thought, perhaps, taking these out of his boat might slow him down a bit.
―Giselle and Scarlett[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


"Who was she?"
"What?[Giselle slaps Jack]...I may have deserved that.
Jack Sparrow and Giselle, before Giselle slaps Jack.[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


"Jack Sparrow?"
"I haven't seen him in a month."
"When you find him, will you give him a message?[Slaps Will]
―Giselle and Scarlett to Will Turner[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


"Jack, you promised to take us for a ride."
"I was to be given the first ride."
"What? you? Not what he said.
Scarlett and Giselle[src]


Tales of the Code: Wedlocked

"I traded for you fair and square -- Two willing brides, four limbs intact and possessed of all their faculties, in exchange for a hat traded to -- a certain unnamed captain."
"A hat? He gave me up for a hat?"
"It was a very nice hat.
Auctioneer and Giselle[src] (screenplay draft)

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