Eduardo Villanueva

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The Price of FreedomEdit

Spoken by Eduardo VillanuevaEdit

"They have been preying off the coast of Spain. And they operate as Borya has described. We have found two burning wrecks, and other ships have simply vanished like this!"
―Villanueva talking about the rogue pirates[src]


"The Butcher is right, code breakers deserve only death from us."
"As the Keeper has pointed out, the navies of the world will not discriminate between them and us. These rogues could take us all down with them."
"We should find them and deal with them. We know the seas better than any naval vessel."
"We do, da.
Koldunya stands ready to find rogue vessel and capture her."
Mistress Ching, Villanueva, Don Rafael, and Borya Palachnik, talking about the rogue pirates[src]
"You'll never guess who I encountered at Oporto a few months ago!"
"Who was that?"
"Dios mio! I thought he must have met with a rope long ago! It has been years!
Don Rafael, Edward Teague, and Villanueva[src]
"Polly, that is the English name of a parrot."
"I did have a parrot named Polly once. A fine bird he was, but he messed up the shoulder of me jacket.
Eduardo Villanueva and Hector Barbossa[src]
"Upon reflection, I vote aye."
"Perhaps it is because I have experienced his presence before, as Villanueva has not, or perhaps it is because I cannot see him... But I believe that if one of us has broken the Code, we must know. I vote aye."
"I agree, and also vote aye. We will summon Davy Jones. But to do so, we must reconvene aboard
Troubadour. He cannot set foot on dry land, save for once every ten years."
―Eduardo Villanueva, Ching, and Edward Teague[src]

Spoken about VillanuevaEdit

"Captain Villaneuva was hosting a game of Hazard tonight, aboard his vessel."
Edward Teague to Roger Mortensen[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren CourtEdit

Spoken by VillanuevaEdit

"Out. The Centurion is leaving now."
―Eduardo Villanueva to his new crewmembers[src]
"My old rival, Chevalle, said that Mistress Ching has one of these vials, and I suspect he has one as well. He was gloating about it–said the best Pirate Lords have them. Which means this one must have been intended for me before it was astray."
―Eduardo Villanueva to Jack Sparrow[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (video game)Edit

Spoken by Eduardo VillanuevaEdit

"I am a Pirate Lord, and you are nothing!"
―Eduardo Villanueva to Jack Sparrow[src] (PS2 version)
"It is time you bid your worthless life adios!"
―Eduardo Villanueva during his duel with Jack Sparrow[src] (PS2 version)
"You should spend more time on your knees begging for mercy!"
―Villanueva while battling Black Coats[src]
"You shall soon be eating the dirt that is at your feet!"
―Captain Eduardo Villanueva[src]
"Yes, I could use a challenge now. Too bad, it will not come to me."
―Villanueva disappointed in the lack of skill in his opponents[src]
"It is too easy for me to slay you."
―Eduardo Villanueva[src]


"Mistress Ching! Long time no... see."
"Jack Sparrow! Charming as ever."
"Ah! You remember! Let me charmingly remind you of an appointment: The Conclave of Pirate Lords at Shipwreck City?"
"Eduardo, would you be so kind as to rid me of this Pirate Council errand boy?"
"Uh... you mean, to ,kill him?
Jack Sparrow, Ching and Eduardo Villanueva[src] (PS2 version)
"I'm afraid you have the misfortune of facing Captain Jack Sparrow!"
"I am a Pirate Lord, and you are nothing!
Jack Sparrow and Eduardo Villanueva[src] (PS2 version)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndEdit

Spoken by VillanuevaEdit

―Villanueva to Jack Sparrow, demanding that he give up his Piece of Eight.[src]
"I would still agree with Sao Feng: We release Calypso!"
―Villanueva during the Fourth Brethren Court meeting[src]
―Villanueva casting his vote for a new Pirate King[src]


"And it is unlikely that her mood's improved."
"(Pulling out pistol) I would still agree with Sao Feng: We release Calypso!"
"You threaten me?!"
"I silence you!
Chevalle and Villanueva before fighting each other[src]

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