Mistress Ching


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The Price of FreedomEdit

Spoken by ChingEdit

"We have not seen any sign of them in the waters near the Chinese coasts."
―Mistress Ching about rogue pirates[src]
"The first Brethren Court made the alliance with Captain Jones, and that right has been passed down through the ages, to the assembled Pirate Lords."
―Mistress Ching[src]


"Mistress Ching, I see we have another gentleman and a young lady present. May I prevail upon you to provide an introduction?"
"Don Rafael, Doña Esmeralda, allow me to present to you, Jack Sparrow, Captain Teague's...protégé.
Jack Sparrow and Mistress Ching[src]
"Upon reflection, I vote aye."
"Perhaps it is because I have experienced his presence before, as Villanueva has not, or perhaps it is because I cannot see him... But I believe that if one of us has broken the Code, we must know. I vote aye."
"I agree, and also vote aye. We will summon Davy Jones. But to do so, we must reconvene aboard
Troubadour. He cannot set foot on dry land, save for once every ten years."
Eduardo Villanueva, Ching, and Edward Teague[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren CourtEdit

Spoken by ChingEdit

"They say she likes to kill things with her bare hands, especially innocent things that cannot fight back."
―Mistress Ching to Sao Feng, about Barbara Huntington[src]

Spoken about ChingEdit

"I hate that insipid Mistress Ching. There was a wondrous selection of tea and spices coming to me from Shanghai and she co-opted it."
Barbara Huntington to Benedict Huntington[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (video game)Edit

Spoken by ChingEdit

"Jack Sparrow! Charming as ever."
―Ching to Jack Sparrow[src] (PS2 version)
"Eduardo, would you be so kind as to rid me of this Pirate Council errand boy?"
―Ching to Eduardo Villanueva on Jack Sparrow[src]
"I'm sorry Jack Sparrow, but I must prepare for this conclave, it is a long way to Shipwreck City!"
―Ching to Jack Sparrow[src]
"I think you should surrender. Not that it will do you any good."
―Ching while duelling[src]
"You can see me, and still you miss!"
―Ching while duelling[src]
"You soon will worship the ground on which I walk."
―Ching while dueling[src]
"What a pathetic excuse for a pirate."
―Mistress Ching after defeating an opponent.[src]
"I shall enjoy ending your worthless life!"
―Mistress Ching[src]


"Mistress Ching! Long time no...see."
"Jack Sparrow! Charming as ever."
"You remember! Let me charmingly remind you of an appointment: the Conclave of Pirate Lords at Shipwreck City?"
"Eduardo, would you be so kind as to rid me of this Pirate Council errand boy?"
"You mean to...kill him?
Jack Sparrow, Ching and Eduardo Villanueva[src] (PS2 version)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndEdit

Spoken by ChingEdit

"Shipwreck Cove is a fortress! A well supplied fortress! There is no need to fight, if they cannot get to us!"
―Ching during the Fourth Brethren Court[src]
"Mistress Ching!"
―Ching casting her vote for a new Pirate King[src]
"Very well. What say you, Captain Swann, King of the Brethren Court?"
―Ching to Elizabeth Swann[src]