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Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren CourtEdit

Spoken about ChevalleEdit

"My old rival, Chevalle, said that Mistress Ching has one of these vials, and I suspect he has one as well. He was gloating about it—said the best Pirate Lords have them. Which means this one must have been intended for me before it was astray."
Eduardo Villanueva to Jack Sparrow[src]
"Tell me, where I can find the Pirate Lord Chevalle."
"We don't know anything about Chevalle. Piracy is of course forbidden, and we wouldn't have anything to do with—"
"Tell me.
Shadow Lord and French sailor[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndEdit

Spoken by ChevalleEdit

"And it is unlikely her mood's improved."
―expressing his concerns over the release of Calypso.[src]
"But there's not been a king since the first court, and that is not likely to change."
―to the attendents of the fourth Brethren Court regarding the likelihood of the election of a second Pirate King.[src]
"Capitaine Chevalle, the penniless Frenchman!"
―casting his vote for a new Pirate King.[src]


"Calypso was our enemy then. She will be our enemy now."
"And it's unlikely that her mood's improved."
"(Pulling out pistol) I would still agree with Sao Feng: We release Calypso!"
"You threaten me?!"
"I silence you!"(punched by Chevalle)
Jocard, Chevalle and Villanueva[src]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (video game)Edit

Spoken by ChevalleEdit

"Is that all you have to throw at me? Bad fruit?"
―Chevalle taunting the Port Royal citizens while imprisoned in Fort Charles[src] (PS2 version)
"Ahh! Such disgusting people... with very good aim!"
―Chevalle[src] (PS2 version)
"As always, it is up to me to be victorious."
―Chevalle while fighting alongside fellow pirates.[src] (PS2 version)
"There is no courage here, n'est pas?"
―Chevalle while fighting enemies[src] (PS2 version)
"Is there no one who can truly challenge me?"
―Chevalle disappointed with the lack of skill in his opponents[src] (PS2 version)
"Ah, yes. It seems I have not lost my style."
―Capitaine Chevalle[src] (PS2 version)

Spoken about ChevalleEdit

"But listen of the Lords, he calls himself Capitaine Chevalle, is here, in Port Royal."
"Nothing to it, then..."
"Due to be hanged."
"Why can't these Pirate Lords learn to behave themselves?
Tia Dalma and Jack Sparrow[src]
"Captain Chevalle. You have been sentenced to be brought to this place of execution where you'll be hanged by the neck until dead and thereafter your body buried within the precincts of the prison and may the Lord have mercy upon your soul."
―Chevalle's execution at Fort Charles[src] (PS3 version)


"Jack...always one for the last minute. I am most grateful for the rescue."
"Allow me to give you a means to express said gratitude: take part in the Conclave. Alas, I must return to my ship."
"Done. I shall see you at the Conclave, Jack Sparrow!
―Chevalle and Jack Sparrow at Fort Charles[src] (PS2 version)
"Jack! Always one for the grand entrance."
"Consider it partial payment for that night in Tangiers. Very entertaining."
"Done. I shall see you at the Conclave, Jack Sparrow!
―Chevalle and Jack Sparrow at Fort Charles[src] (PS3 version)

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