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Armando Salazar

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesEdit

Spoken by Armando SalazarEdit

"Pirates had infected the seas for generations. So I vowed to eliminate them all. And then, there was this boy. Jack Sparrow. He took everything from me... And filled me with... rage."
―Armando Salazar[src]
"Dead men tell no tales."
―Armando Salazar to Henry Turner[src]
"Jack Sparrow cursed me to this life. I will have my revenge."
―Armando Salazar[src]
"There's nowhere to hide. Find Sparrow for me."
―Armando Salazar to Hector Barbossa[src]
"You will soon pay for what you did to me."
―Armando Salazar[src]

Spoken about Armando SalazarEdit

"I once knew a Spaniard named... Something in Spanish."
Jack Sparrow[src]
"He's coming for you, Jack, to seek revenge."
Henry Turner[src]


"Jack Sparrow. Do you know this pirate?"
"Only by name."
"Find Sparrow for me, and relay a message from Capitán Salazar, and tell him... Death will come straight for him. Will you say that to him? Please?
―Armando Salazar and Henry Turner[src]
"I've heard stories of a mighty Spanish captain who's hunted and killed thousands of men."
"No, no, no, no, no. Men, no! No, no, no, no. Pirates!
Hector Barbossa and Armando Salazar[src]

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