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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesEdit

Spoken by AngelicaEdit

"I hear you've been to the Fountain of Youth."
―Angelica to Jack Sparrow[src]
"Steady as she goes!"
―Angelica to the helmsman on the Queen Anne's Revenge[src]
"No! Father, I beg you."
―Angelica to Blackbeard[src]
"The old moon is in the arms of the new one. First of the summer. Perfect for hunting a mermaid's tear."
―Angelica to Jack Sparrow[src]
"How is it we can never meet without you pointing something at me?"
―Angelica to Jack Sparrow[src]
"Jack. I'm starting to think you don't know where you're going."
―Angelica to Jack Sparrow[src]

Spoken about AngelicaEdit

"Only one person alive knows that move [kisses the Jack impostor]...Always wanted to do that. Hello, Angelica."
Jack Sparrow to Angelica[src]
"A missionary is the story. What I heard, was he got captured in a raid. The rest on the ship got killed, but not him. First Mate wouldn't let it happen, on account his premier standing with the Lord. First Mate sticking her neck out for some prisoner? That you don't see."
"Her? Our First Mate is a her?
Scrum and Jack Sparrow[src]
"Have I mentioned, sir, what a lovely daughter you have?"
"A fitting last sight for a doomed soul.
Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard[src]
"You dare to speak thusly of my flesh and blood?"
"Sir. The woman is consummate in the art of deception. I know. As I mostly unwittingly set her on her wicked path. Though I cannot claim credit for her existing abundance of natural talent."
"Angelica. My beloved daughter, the one true good thing I have done in this life, and you claim to be the one who corrupted her?"
"Sir. What she is, is pure evil. More to be feared than a wild beast. Hungry wild beast with gnashing teeth. Vengeful, hungry, from hell, beast...
Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow concerning Angelica[src]
"...You will bring no harm to Angelica."
Jack Sparrow[src]
"There is a girl. I may have had...feelings."
"You pretended to love her, then you left her and broke her heart. Oh, that's low.
Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs[src]
"Señorita. The Chalices, por favor."
The Spaniard to Angelica[src]


"I hear-tell you've been to the Fountain."
"There be a lot of hear-telling these days."
"The Fountain of Youth."
"Dearest Angelica, fret not. You still have a few usable years left."
"[laughs] Always so charming. You didn't answer me."
"Eh? Ah, regarding the Fountain. Waste of time.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"Milady! I see unseamenlike fellows of officious-looking nature!"
"...Friends of yours?"
"I may have unintentionally slighted some King or another."
"...You haven't changed."
"Implying the need?"
You betrayed me! You seduced me and you used me. I was innocent of the ways of men."
"You demonstrated a lot of technique for someone I supposedly corrupted.
Scrum, Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"I was ready to take my vows! And you—what were you doing in a Spanish convent, anyway?"
"Mistook it for a brothel. Honest mistake.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"We are at a disadvantage."
"Speak for yourself. Unlike some who pretend to be, but cannot in fact hold a candle to, I am Captain Jack Sparrow.
Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"What does it require?"
"A mermaid, Jack.
Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src]
"Then it's the Fountain of Youth for him, or him and you, not you and me."
"No, Jack, that's the best part. He will be dead."
"Ah. You'll be handling that part yourself, then.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"There is a prophecy. Maybe you don't believe in the supernatural."
"Oh, no, no. I've seen a thing or two.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"Jack...if this is a dream, you can keep the sword and boots on. If it's not—"
"It's a dream."
[Swords clashing outside]
"...No, it's not!
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"I thought I should give you fair warning: we're taking the ship."
"It's nothing personal!"
"Sparrow ven aqui o te arranco la cabeza!"
"You might be better off if you just..."
"Ya!" [shoves sword into door]
"...stay out of it.
Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src]
"Gentlemen...I be placed in a bewilderment. There I were, resting. And upon a sudden, I hear an ungodly row on deck. Sailors abandoned their posts, without orders, without leave. Men before the mast, and taking the ship for themselves. What be that, First Mate?"
"Mutiny, captain."
"Aye. Mutiny. And what fate befalls mutineers? Now we know the answer to that, do we not? Mutineers...Hang!
Blackbeard and Angelica[src]
"Hardly appropriate for a First Mate."
"Was I the first? I've often wondered.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"This is the way, isn't it?"
"'Course it is. But we should go around to the east."
"That would take us out of the path of the chalices."
"Then we'll circle back."
"There is no time."
"You're the one who insisted on bringing a bloody mermaid."
"Well, the mutiny didn't help!"
"You walk like a girl."
"You would know.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"Oi. If I jump, will I survive?"
"...The doll.
[Angelica gives him the doll, and the Quartermaster throws it and Jack screams as it falls]
...Yes, now you will survive."
"This is nonsense! I'm going!
Jack Sparrow, Quartermaster and Angelica[src]
"Jack, have you ever seen, with your own eyes, the Fountain of Youth?"
"...I'm sorry, could you repeat the question, please?
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"I hate you."
"The bloke who saved your life."
"The years I possess, stolen from my own father!"
"I only helped Blackbeard do what any father should have done."
"You are cruel. And ignorant.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"Admit it, Jack. You still love me."
"If you had a sister and a dog...I'd choose the dog."
"Treasure! There is a chest with jewels! Jewels with the power to rule the wind and tide!"
"You're making that up."
"Wait. I am with child...Yours."
"I don't recall that we ever had—"
"You were drunk!"
"I've actually never been that drunk."
"Wait. There's something I want to say to you. Something I wanted to say from the moment we first met."
"...Go on then."
"I love you."
"...As do I. Always have, always will. [leans in close to kiss Angelica]...I gotta go.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesEdit

"Desperate disease..."
"Requires dangerous remedy.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"The Fountain of Youth. What does it require?"
"A mermaid, Jack.
―Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src] (trailer)
"The Quartermaster. The man with no eyes. He's known as eleri ipin, witness of fate. He sees things happen before they happen. He's never wrong."
"I can do that too, if you don’t count women, weather, and other things that are hard to predict.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src] (screenplay draft)
"May I cut in? I have something you might find of interest. [shows Angelica the Ring of Thieves] First item I ever stole...for someone else."
"I had to trade it to learn the rules of the Fountain.
Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src] (deleted scene)
"I wonder...does it work because it works, or because you believe that it works?"
"Or because I
want you to believe that it works?"
"Or because you want me to believe you are only pretending for it to work? When in fact, it does. Nothing is beyond you, Jack. You are unpredictable. Untamable. That's why I'm drawn to you."
"You smell lovely, but that's beside the point."
"When are you going to admit, Jack Sparrow, that you want me?"
"I want you. Next question.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src] (deleted scene)
"The old moon in the new moon's arms. First of the summer. Perfect for a mermaid hunt."
"How so?"
"Mating season.
―Angelica and Jack Sparrow[src]
"How many years?"
"'All da years dat dey have lived, and they could have lived, if fate'd been kinder.'
Jack Sparrow and Angelica (a la Tia Dalma)[src] (screenplay draft)

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