Captain Ammand


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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndEdit

Spoken by AmmandEdit

"Shoot him!"
―to the attendents of the fourth Brethren Court after Captain Barbossa proposes the release of Calypso.
"I vote for Ammand the Corsair!"
―casting his vote for a new Pirate King.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (video game)Edit

Spoken by AmmandEdit

"Abandon ship! We are sinking fast!"
―Ammand[src] (PS2 version)
"Jack Sparrow?"
―surprised to see Captain Jack Sparrow on his "sinking ship".[src] (PS2 version)
"I so love to win!"
―while dueling an opponent.
"Another glorious day to be me!"
―upon defeating said opponent.
"Even I am impressed by my skill"
―Ammand the Corsair
"I am so good, you are so bad!"
―Ammand the Corsair


"Ah yes! There cannot be a conclave without--"
"(sighs) I know: without the great 'Captain Ammand'.
―Ammand and Jack Sparrow[src] (PS2 version)

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