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Jack with chart
"The world's still the same. There's just...less in it."
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Quest for the Sword of Cortés


Blood of the Aztec Curse

Quest for the Shadow Gold

Destruction of Panama


Battle for the Shadow Gold




From the Caribbean and Asia to Europe


Victory for the pirate crew. Defeat of the Shadow Lord.

Major events:

Attack on the Spanish galleon
Attack on Mistress Ching's opium den
Battle in the Hong Kong square
Attack on Sri Sumbhajee's palace
Skirmish in King Samuel's kitchens
Battle for the Shadow Gold


Sparrow flag

Crew of the
Black Pearl

Morgan flag

Shadow Army

EITCo flag

East India Trading Company
Crew of the
HMS Peacock

Captain Jack Sparrow

Shadow Lord

Lord Benedict Huntington


One galleon
Several dozen crewmen

One galleon
Dozens of magically animated objects

Several ships
Hundreds of EITC sailors and agents

"That's the kind of pirate I want to be. As soon as we're done with this quest and have defeated the Shadow Lord."
Carolina to Jack Sparrow[src]

The Quest for the Shadow Gold was a perilous voyage around the world which involved three parties: the crew of the infamous pirate ship known as the Black Pearl led by Captain Jack Sparrow, the East India Trading Company, represented mainly by the crew of the HMS Peacock, led by Lord Benedict Huntington, and the supernatural Shadow Army, led by the Shadow Lord. The Shadow Lord wanted to conquer the world with his magical powers, but to do that, he needed to find the mystical elixir known as the Shadow Gold first. Jack Sparrow wanted to find the Shadow Gold to cure himself from a mysterious illness, and Benedict Huntington wanted to destroy Jack Sparrow and all other Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court. The fourth party which later became involved in the quest was the Spanish Royal Navy which searched across the Seven Seas for Princess Carolina, a member of the Spanish royal family who escaped from an old governor who wanted to marry her against her will.

Behind the scenes


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