Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life

Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life is a variation on the traditional Game of Life. There are at least two versions of the game. One is a more generic, but more rare version that was only available for purchase at Disney theme parks. The other was released after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. It was based on the movies and available at stores everywhere.

Both versions play a lot the same. Instead of professions, the player chooses a captain at the beginning of the game. The cars have been replaced with boats and players choose a ship card where players would be getting married in the original game. Instead of children, players get a mascot and the chance to switch boats.

New spaces include the Raid and Acquire Vessel spots. If a player land on Raid, that player and another player spin against each other. If the attacking player gets a higher number, they can take a certain amount of money from his opponent. Acquire Vessel allows a player to switch ships with another player while paying the difference in the prices between the two ships.


Pirates of the Caribbean Life (Theme Park version)Edit

Pirates of the Caribbean Life (Dead Man's Chest version)Edit

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