Pirates of the Caribbean Buccaneer was published in 2006 by Hasbro. The game is a remake of Waddingtons' 1938 game, Buccaneer.


  • Game Board
  • 25 Treasure Tokens
  • 28 Quest Cards
  • 38 Crew Cards
  • 4 Reminder Cards
  • 6 Ports
  • 3 Islands
  • 4 Ships
  • 6 Palm Trees
  • Rules


The game starts with each player choosing a ship and drawing five character cards. Some of the treasure and additional crew are place on various spots on the board. The rest of the treasure is placed on Treasure Island and the rest of the crew is placed on Pirate Island.

Players are allowed to sail where ever they want, but the goal of the game is to gather treasure. At Treasure Island, players can find treasure and crew, but also run the risk of losing crew. Player's can trade treasure and crew at the various harbors. Players can also attack other ships for treasure or crew.

Players can store their treasure at their home port. Other players can steal the treasure unless it's in the safe zone. Treasure can only be moved to the safe zone when the player has three of the same treasure.

The game ends when a player scores 20 points.

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