Battleship command game

Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship Command is a special version of Battleship Command.


Each player gets to choose six ships out of a deck of 36 cards. There a total of twelve ships and each ship has three variations. Each ship has a point value printed on it.

Once the players have chosen their ships, each player chooses three of them to go into battle. Each named ship (the Black Pearl, the Kraken, ect.) is unique, meaning that only one player can control it at a time. The player controls the ship on the left side of the games and records hits on the right. Any special powers a ship has are visible to everyone at all times.

On each turn, a player gets to choose one of their ships to fire. That player names their target and fires a shot at their enemy unless the ship is allowed to shot more than one shot (most ships are allowed multiple shots).

A ship is sunken when all of the spots on the ship's hit grid have been hit or if the player hits one of the ships "Sweet Spots". Once a ship is sunk, the player must take that ship down and may send another of their ships into battle at their spot.

Depending on what players agree on, the game is over when one player scores 1500 points, 2500 points, or if one player loses all of his ships.


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