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An image showing the board, pieces and box-cover

The Pirates of the Caribbean board game was published in 1965 by Parker Brothers. This game, based on the theme park ride, is part of the Disneyland series of games.

On your turn you roll the dice and move along the track the number of spaces indicated. You may try to get a Treasure card by moving onto one of the branch tracks leading to a pirate holding a treasure chest.

If you roll a number printed on the chest you take a card. Some cards show gold and are needed to win, others show Tiny (the fat lady at the auction) or a pirate in the dungeon and are worthless but are kept so that opponents don't know how many treasures you have.

Landing on a peg leg pirate space forces you to lose a treasure. The first player with 2 treasures to reach the end of the boat track by exact count wins.

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