Pirates of the Caribbean was a special album released in 2000 to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. The CD included music from the attraction, music written for the attraction that was abandoned, and various other pieces of relevant audio. Along with the regular disc, there was a special edition as well. Tracks 26 - 28 were only available on the special edition.


Pirates Set Sail
  1. Welcome
  2. The Overture to Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Float Through
    From Walt Disney World
  4. The Barker
  5. A Parrot's Life For Me
  6. The Attraction
    The "Yo Ho" Mega Mix
  7. Demo
  8. Yo Ho with Tuba, Harpsichord and Vocal
  9. The Singing Dog
  10. Accordion Player
  11. The Drinking Pirate
  12. Drunk on Lampost
  13. The Singing Pigs
  14. Parrot on Bridge
    Pirates Unheard
  15. Scare Me Music
  16. Ghostly Voices
  17. Arsenal Scene
    Pirates Revisited
  18. Pooped Pirate
  19. Stuffed Pirate
    The Recording Sessions
  20. Voice Over 1, Auction Scene
  21. Voice Over 2, Paul Frees
  22. Voice Over 3, Paul Frees
  23. Banjo
    It's Pirates Karaoke
  24. Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for Me
    Strike it Rich, Mateys!
  25. Yo Ho - The Pirates Arcade
    Bonus Tracks
  26. The Press Conference
  27. 30 Second Commercial
  28. 60 Second Commercial


  • Research and Mixing Direction: Glenn Barker
  • Research and Clearance: Jann Adaehi
  • Transfer, Editing and Mixing: Steve Litten
  • Ride Ambient Recordings: Russell Brower

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