A gallery of images from the deleted/extended scenes from The Curse of the Black Pearl.


These images are from the deleted/extended scenes that appear on the DVD pack.

Meet Will Turner

Carriage Ride

A Change in the Wind

Only One Shot

Peep Show

All is Well

Make it Last

A Bit of a Stick

It's Begun

The French

Not All That Big

No Truth at All

Accepting the Proposal

Peas in a Pod

Take a Walk

Let Them Eat Cake

The Immortal Captain Jack

Good Luck

Happy Endings


These are scenes that never made it neither in the film or its Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack. They appear in moments from the The Curse of the Black Pearl trailers and featurettes or from any The Curse of the Black Pearl-related material.

The following scenes are listed according to where the scenes would appear in the final cut of The Curse of the Black Pearl, with the titles having originated from the scene selection from the The Curse of the Black Pearl Blu-ray & DVD combo pack.

Pirates Ye Be Warned

Elizabeth's Rescue