Black Pearl Pop-Up
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl: A Pop-Up Pirate Ship


Publication information:

Disney Press

Reading level

Ages 4-8


May 15, 2007

Media type





12.7 x 10.5 x 0.6 inches

Shipping weight

1.4 pounds


ISBN-10: 1423108086
ISBN-13: 978-1423108085


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl: A Pop-Up Pirate Ship is a pop-up book published by Disney Press and released on May 15, 2007. It was written by tk and features a central, three-dimensional pop-up of the Black Pearl, as well as press-out sheets of characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

Featuring one central, giant pop-up of the Black Pearl, this title will also have press-out sheets of characters so young readers can move their favourite pirates around the ship, acting out scenes from the films! The Black Pearl unfolds into a three-dimensional pop-up in this novelty title for kids. Press-out sheets supply the kids with their favourite characters from the films so they can re-live all their favourite scenes aboard the cursed ship. All the artwork will be done in an appealing, animated style kids will love.

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