A gallery of images and videos from the deleted/extended scenes from On Stranger Tides.



These images are from the deleted/extended scenes that appear on the Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack.

Old Bill

Smart, Now!



Voodoo Doll


These are scenes that were filmed but never made the final cut of On Stranger Tides or its Blu-ray and DVD release. They appear in clips from the film's trailers and featurettes or from any related material or special features.

Note: The following scenes are listed according to where they would appear in the final cut, with the titles having originated from the scene selection from the On Stranger Tides Blu-ray and DVD.

On Trial

Stolen Identity

The Queen Anne's Revenge

Mutiny Most Foul

Lord Save Me

A Proper Mermaid

Through the Jungle

Whatever Is Necessary

A Sudden Urge to Jump

Jungle Pools

Do Not Waste My Tear

Choosing the Dog


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