A gallery of images from the deleted/extended scenes from Dead Man's Chest.


These images are from the deleted/extended scenes that appear on the DVD pack.

Steady As She Goes

East of India

Lizzy Gets Her Gun

What of You and Jack?

Never Mind

Six Became Five


Where's My Profit?


If You Believe Such Things

Begin to Forget

Manual Labor

Married to the Ship

Every Man For Himself


For Whom the Bell Tolls

Pot Kettle Black

Three Swords - One Key

The Map is Finished


These are scenes that never made it neither in the film or its Blu-ray and DVD. They appear in moments from the Dead Man's Chest trailers and featurettes or from any Dead Man's Chest-related material.

The following scenes are listed according to where the scenes would appear in the final cut of Dead Man's Chest, with the titles having originated from the scene selection from the Dead Man's Chest Blu-ray and DVD.

The Flying Dutchman


'Hide the Rum'

'Very Much Alike'

Fight For the Key