Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End Soundtrack Cover

At World's End soundtrack cover.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was the original soundtrack of the motion picture Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. The soundtrack was composed by Hans Zimmer and distributed as a single-disc CD by Walt Disney Records on May 22, 2007.

Track listingEdit

  1. Hoist the Colours (1:31)
  2. Singapore (3:40)
  3. At Wit's End (8:05)
  4. Multiple Jacks (3:51)
  5. Up Is Down (2:42)
  6. I See Dead People in Boats (7:09)
  7. The Brethren Court (2:21)
  8. Parley (2:10)
  9. Calypso (3:02)
  10. What Shall We Die For (2:02)
  11. I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time (10:45)
  12. One Day (4:01)
  13. Drink Up Me Hearties (4:31)


  • Music composed by Hans Zimmer
  • Score Overproduced by: Hans Zimmer, Bob Badami & Melissa Muik
  • Executive Soundtrack Album Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer & Gore Verbinski
  • Executive in Charge of Music and Soundtracks for Walt Disney Pictures and the Buena Vista Music Group: Mitchell Leib
  • Music Supervisor: Bob Badami
  • Executive in Charge of Music Production for the Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group: Monica Zierhut
  • Music Creative/Marketing for the Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group: Glen Lajeski
  • Music Business and Legal Affairs: Scott Holtzman and Sylvia Krask
  • Director of Soundtracks for the Buena Vista Music Group: Desiree Craig-Ramos
  • Supervising Technical Music Coordinator: Thomas Broderick
  • Additional Music by: Lorne Balfe, Tom Gire, Nick Glennie-Smith, Henry Jackman, Atli Orvarsson, John Sponsler, Geoff Zanelli
  • Supervising Music Editor: Melissa Muik
  • Music Editors: Katie Greathouse, Barbara McDermott
  • Supervising Orchestrator: Bruce Fowler
  • Orchestrators: Walt Fowler, Elizabeth Finch, Ken Kugler, Suzette Moriary, Steve Bartek
  • Music Preparation: Booker White
  • Score Recorded by: Alan Meyerson, Slamm Andres
  • Album Mixed by: Alan Meyerson, Big Al Clay
  • Additional Recording by: Jeff Biggers, Big Al Clay, Greg Vines, Matt Ward
  • Featured Musicians:
    • Phil Ayling - Oboe
    • Chris Bleth - Duduk
    • Pedro Eustache - Ethnic Woods
    • Karen Han - Erhu
    • Lili Haydn - Fiddle
    • Frank Marocco - Accordion
    • Heitor Pereira - Banjo
    • Simon Phillips - Drums
    • Tom Raney - Cymbalon
    • Martin Tillman - Cello
    • Gore Verbinski - Guitar
  • Featured Vocalist: Delores Clay
  • Principle Musicians:
    • Endre Granat - Concertmaster
    • Julie Gigante - Principle 2nd Violin
    • Brian Dembow - Viola
    • Steve Erdody - Cello
    • Nico Abondolo - Bass
    • Jim Walker, Geri Rotella - Flutes
    • Phil Ayling - Oboe
    • Jim Kanter - Clarinet
    • Michael O'Donnovan - Bassoon
    • Jim Thatcher - Horn
    • Charlie Loper - Trombone
    • Doug Tornquist - Tuba
  • Orchestra Conducted by: Blake Neely, Nick Glennie-Smith
  • Featured Musician Soloists Co-Produced by: Jimmy Levine, Nick Glennie-Smith
  • Orchestra Contractors: Sandy DeCrescent, Peter Rotter
  • Technical Music Assistants: Pete Oso Snell, Kevin Globerman, Jacob Shea, Bobby Tahouri, Dan Zimmerman
  • Digital Instrument Design by: Mark Wherry
  • Production Coordinator for Hans Zimmer: Andrew Zack
  • Sample Development: Claudius Bruese
  • Sample Development Assistants: Zain Effendi, Mark McCormick
  • Score Recorded at:
    • Todd AO Scoring Stage, Studio City, CA
    • Fox Scoring Stage, Century City, CA
    • Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA
  • Choir Recorded by: Geoff Foster
  • Choir Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
  • Choir Master: Jenny O'Grady
  • Choir: Metro Voices
  • Soprano: Hila Plitmann
  • Choir Conducted by: Matthew Dunkel
  • UK Music Preparation: Jill Streater
  • UK Music Coordinator: Nyree Pinder
  • Choir Recorded at: Air Lyndhurst Studios, London and Abbey Road Studios, London
  • Score Mixed at: Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica, CA
  • Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky
  • Studio Coordinator: Czarina Russell
  • Music Production Intern: Seth Glennie-Smith
  • Scoring Stage Crew: Chris Barrett, Alison Burton, Bryan Clementes, Andrew Dudman, Mark Eshelman, Dominic Gonzales, Tom Hardisty, Sam Jones, Tim Lauber, Adam Michalak, Francesco Perlangelli, Denis St. Amand, Jay Selvester, Tom Steel, Chelley Sydow
  • Mastered by: Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Manstering, Hollywood CA
  • Creative Direction: Steve Gerdes
  • Album Design: Sean Tejaratchi
  • "Hoist the Colours"
    • Cabin Boy Vocals by Brendyn Bell
    • Singing Gallows Pirates: Chris Allport, Lawrence Cummings, Jim Raycroft, Robert Hovencamp, Geoffrey Alch, Ned Werimer, Samuela Beasom, Jessica-Elisabeth
    • Lyrics by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio
    • Music by Hans Zimmer and Gore Verbinski
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