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Unnamed pirate captain
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Pirate galleon

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Below Deck: An Interactive History Of Pirates (Mentioned only)

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A Prisoner's Last Tale

"I am not one they can kill off so easily. I am more then their sworn enemy. I am...a pyrate...of the Caribbean!"
―Unnamed pirate captain[src]

This man was a notorious pirate captain who operated on the Seven Seas during the Golden Age of Piracy.


It is unknown when or why this man became a pirate. But it is known that he was capable enough to become a pirate captain. At some point he became cursed after taking a piece of Aztec gold from the Chest of Cortés. He captured many ships, including the one he sailed. He was known to have stolen his parrot from a British Royal Navy admiral.

His ship was attacked by a fleet of thirty Royal Navy warships, and most of his crew were killed. The captain was captured and chained up in his own ship's brig. There, he wrote his memoirs, The Prisoner's last tale. His final fate is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is currently unknown who voiced the Pirate Captain in A Prisoner's Last Tale.