The Pirate's Arcade Museum was an arcade in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. It was originally put in sometime between July 1966 and March 1967. Eventually, it was replaced with the Pieces of Eight shop.


The Pirate's Arcade Museum was actually entirely an arcade, with no museum elements. The room was decorated with various pirate decorations including treasure maps, Jolly Rogers, portraits of famous pirates, fishing nets, bottles, and miniature ships.

Being built (and probably replaced) before the invention of video games, the Pirate's Arcade Museum was filled with "Midway" type games. Most of the games; including Th' Devil T' Pay, Pirate Shoot, Freebooter Shooter, Cap'n Black, and Captain Hook; were variations on target shooting. It is unknown what kind of game Candle Snuff was. Fortune Red was also originally part of the Pirate's Arcade Museum.

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