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For other uses, see Pirate Captain (disambiguation)
"I'm gonna teach it to the whole crew.
We'll sing it all the time!"
This article covers material from the original POTC ride.
Therefore, the factual accuracy of this article or section is disputed.
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Pirate Captain Skeleton
Biographical information




Also known as

Pirate Captain[1]

Weapon(s) owned


Ship(s) captained or crewed

Royal Fortune

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Latest appearance

Battle for the Sunken Treasure



"This be a fact no hand will contest: The wonders o' nature begin in th' nest."

This man was a pirate captain, active in the Caribbean during the early 18th century.


Not much is known about this man's life. It is known however, that he became a pirate, and that he was capable enough to become a captain. He was part of a pirate crew that sailed the Caribbean in search of a cursed treasure hidden in the subterranean grotto of Dead Man's Cove. But despite managing to find the cave where the treasure was hidden, the pirates were too greedy to share the treasure, so they killed each other in betrayal. The Captain's skeleton remained standing forever while leaning on the wall of the cave, where a seagull made a nest in the dead pirate's hat.[3]

Behind the scenes



Notes and references

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