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Joshamee Gibbs sleeping with pigs.

"Do you have any idea how difficult it was to catch that filthy pig? Not the big one. The four-legged one."
Jack Sparrow to Blackbeard[src]

A pig is any of several mammals of the genus Sus, having cloven hooves, bristles and a nose adapted for digging; especially the domesticated farm animal Sus scrofa.


"I guess...I guess I’d want to be back on a farm. There is enough money for me to buy a little farmstead of my own. I’d get some geese, and ducks, maybe some turkeys...chickens, of course. Couple of pigs. I love bacon and ham. And a mule for plowing, and some milk cows."
Robert Greene to Jack Sparrow[src]

Among Joshamee Gibbs' faults, he is prone to rum-drinking and idleness, having even been found sleeping in a pigpen.[1] When looking for a crew in Tortuga, Jack Sparrow quickly found his old friend and comrade sleeping in a pig sty.[2][3] After fighting drunken pirates in a brawl at a cantina, James Norrington was on the losing side and ended up thrown in the gutter with the pigs.[4][3] While negotiating with Blackbeard on an island, Jack Sparrow referred to a wild boar that Gibbs was holding back as a "filthy pig", before saying "Not the big one. The four-legged one.[5]

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