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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Dead Men Tell No Tales. Caution is advised.
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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales


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"Congratulations! It's your wedding day."
―Pierre Kelly to Jack Sparrow[src]

Pierre Kelly, better known as Pig Kelly, was a pirate who operated in the Caribbean during the 18th century.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

It is unknown when Pierre Kelly was born or where he came from, but when he grew up he became a pirate in the Caribbean. At some point in his life he made some sort of deal with the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sparrow ended up owing him a plunder of silver. He also put together his own crew.[1]

Jack's wedding Edit

In 1751,[2] Jack Sparrow, Carina Smyth and Henry Turner appeared on Hangman's Bay, the island in which Kelly and his crew resided. Kelly tried to force Jack to marry his sister, Beatrice Kelly, to settle his debt. Jack refused to marry her, but Kelly threatened him with a flintlock pistol.[1]

Jack still refused to marry her, but ended up accidentally saying 'I do'. But before Beatrice could kiss him, they all heard a gunshot and turned to see Hector Barbossa and his pirate crew, who had arrived to rescue Jack.[1] Barbossa proceeded to shoot Kelly in the leg. Kelly was hauled away by his men.[3] His further fate is unknown.

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