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The Legend of Jack Sparrow

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The Legend of Jack Sparrow


Keith Ferguson (voice)

"By the out for my brother, El Grande...he's Pequeño's right hand man, and he's looking for you."
Marty to Jack Sparrow[src]

Pequeño was a pirate who used Tortuga as his base of operations.


"Ha! I found you! The boss has been looking all over for you, Jack Sparrow!"
El Grande to Jack Sparrow[src]

Pequeño once gave Jack Sparrow the Dragon's Eye gem for him to barter in Formosa. When Jack returned empty-handed, Pequeño was furious, and attempted to kill Jack and Will Turner, but broke his leg in the process. Jack and Will fled, but Pequeño sent his loyal servant El Grande in pursuit.

Pequeño caught up with Sparrow and seemed satisfied when Jack told him how he lost the gem to Madame Tang in Formosa. Pequeño merely asked for a recompense, and began firing on the HMS Interceptor. Jack was able to stop him, and left the pirate in an unconcious heap on top of his partner El Grande.


Pequeño was a short-tempered man, with being furious at Jack Sparrow for losing the Dragon's Eye and attempted to kill him for it. He also believed in equal punishment, thinking that sinking Sparrow's ship, the Interceptor was equal compensation for the loss of the Dragon's Eye.

Equipment and skillsEdit

Pequeño wielded an oversized sword which he used to a deadly degree. This implies he was greatly strong and was durable to tale numerous blows from Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

Behind the scenesEdit