A peg leg being worn at Tortuga.

"Ah! My leg! You blooming cockroaches! You've broken me leg!"
"Dreadful sorry. I know the name of a good peg leg man. Uses whale bone. Top quality. Best in Tortuga.
Pequeño and Jack Sparrow[src]

A peg leg, also referred to as a wooden leg, was a prosthesis, more specifically an artificial limb of carved wood fitted to the remaining stump of an amputated leg. Several individuals, some mainly being pirates, wore peg legs.



Hector Barbossa sharing the rum supply from his peg leg.

"Have you ever had a peg leg?"
Spencer Sinclair to Jack Sparrow[src]

In his life, Davy Jones had two legs until he abandoned his duty to ferry souls aboard the Flying Dutchman, in which he mutated into a fish-like being in which his right leg was replaced with a lobster/crab leg, that acted as a peg leg.[1][2] Jack Sparrow claimed to have known the name of a good peg leg man, who used whale bone.[3]

When Hector Barbossa lost his right leg after an attack on the Black Pearl, he replaced his missing limb with a wooden leg that had a hidden rum supply. Barbossa would wear the peg leg throughout the quest for the Fountain of Youth, where he served as a privateer until returning to piracy.[4]

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  • In real-world history, pirates rarely worn a peg leg, if not wearing them at all.
  • In an M&M's commercial, starring Ragetti, one of the M&Ms has a peg leg for a hand.[5]



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