Padres Night
Padres del Fuego
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Caribbean Sea

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Los Padres
Fort Dundee
Beckett's Quarry
Las Pulgas

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Don Victorio
Humberto Diaz
Roland Raggart
Miguel Sanchez De Montoya
Gil Derga


British Royal Navy
East India Trading Company
Spanish Conquistadores

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"Padres... del Fuego you know, the volcano. Lava, natives chanting, headstone thrones."
"Rough place, Padres, very shaky.
Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs[src]

Padres del Fuego, commonly known as Padres, was a large island in the Caribbean Sea, located south-south east of Port Royal. Recognizable on sight by its towering, black-plumed volcano, Padres was run by its de-facto governor, Don Victorio. Pirates and adventurers alike came here to undertake daring quests by looking for ancient treasures lost in the volcano's complex cave system. The island's residents didn't much like pirates, but they appreciate those who defend them from Jolly Roger's encroaching army. The East India Trading Company had also established a silver mining operation on Padres, where more than silver may be involved.


The only two villages on the island, Los Padres and Las Pulgas, were built in Spanish colonial style, which indicates that the island was originally a Spanish colony, which was later captured by the British forces. In the 1740s, the island was ruled by its governor, Don Victorio.

Near the heart of the volcano was a silver mine called Beckett's Quarry; where captured pirates were forced to work as slaves, guarded by Royal Marines and Black Guards. Pirates in the Caribbean were known to undertake daring quests into the depths of the volcano itself.[1]

However, the island was submerged at once by the sudden rise in Magma from the mountain. However people take it that it could have been gunpowder intended to destroy pirates, ever since the battle of Padres. There have also been attempted invasion of Padres del Fuego by Jolly Roger, considering that his armies reside in the Catacombs and Caverns of the island. The invasions occurred due to Jolly's search for the Lost Weapons of El Patron.

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