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General information

Caribbean Sea

Notable inhabitants

Everard Gordon
Oweyn McDorey
Robert Christopher Silehard
Diarmuid Sargent
Alan Milds


English settlers


English Royal Navy

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

"Port Oxbay was a typical Caribbean English colony. Bustling, prosperous and peaceful. Until a squadron appeared like ghosts from the fog. A squadron under French colors."

Oxbay was a small, sparsely populated British colony located in South Archipelago in the Caribbean Sea on an island also occupied by Greenford, another British colony. Between Greenford and Oxbay was a stretch of jungle inhabited by the highway-men and bandits.

History Edit

"What an incredible waste of a city, Monsieur. Not a single Brothel!"
Valentin Massoni regarding Oxbay[src]

In 1630, the town was assaulted and occupied by the French, with only the small trading vessel Victory making an escape. As a result of the occupation Governor Robert Christopher Silehard of Redmond commandeered most private vessels to prepare for the future confrontation between the French and English. Other extreme measures were also taken in the attempt to recapture Oxbay.

During the French occupation Nathaniel Hawk was deployed as a spy to discover the French Military's future plans. It transpired that the French squadron docked at Oxbay was awaiting an ammunition barque called the Oiseau before continuing their military spread throughout the Caribbean.

French Squadron

A French squadron attacks Oxbay

A ship containing a regiment of English soldiers was sent aboard the sloop Albion to the Far Beach, where they remained concealed until the liberation of Oxbay. That same day the ship of Rabel Yverneau was fired upon whilst attempting to leave Oxbay port.


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