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Pirates of the Caribbean (video game)

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Pirates of the Caribbean (video game)

"Good day, dear costumer. I'm Oweyn McDorey, owner of the local shipyard."
"I am Nathaniel Hawk, captain of the Victory."
"Well, It's a pleasure to meet you. If you're a captain, my shipyard is at your service.
―Oweyn McDorey and Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Oweyn McDorey was a shipwright in Oxbay sometime around 1630, well-liked and respected by most of the citizens. He bought a chest filled with coins that had something to do with the ghost ship, the Black Pearl. During the liberation of Oxbay, he hid Captain Nathaniel Hawk]] and the English spy Tobias from French soldiers. In return, he asked Hawk to deliver a closed to Charles Windem, his enemy, in Redmond, having been told that the chest would get Windem killed. Hawk found out about the cursed pirates and confronted Oweyn. He told him everything he knew (which wasn't much) about the Black Pearl. He told Hawk if he wanted to learn more he would have to ask the man who sold him the chest, who lived on the French colony Falaise de Fleur.

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