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"You'll never guess who I encountered at Oporto a few months ago!"
"Who was that?"
Don Rafael and Edward Teague[src]
Oporto, also known as Porto, was the second largest city in Portugal, Europe.

History Edit

At the end of the 14th century, Oporto had a very important role to get the independence of Portugal; since the city supported the Mestre de Aviz, who became the first king of the second dynasty and the father of Henrique the Navigator, who launched the era of the Portuguese discoveries overseas. In 1387 the city witnessed the historical marriage of Joao I and Philipa Lancaster (daughter of the King of England); this wedding ceremony sealed the long-standing military alliance between Portugal and England.

Between XIII and XV centuries during the discovery age, Oporto was an important maritime and commercial point; because it had links with great European ports like Barcelona, London, La Rochelle, Antwerp, amongst others. In addition, the Oporto’s shipyards in Vila Nova de Gaia were the most important in Portugal.

Between 1580 and 1640, the city was occupied by Spanish troops; nevertheless, this period was a good time for the city; since, there had a great urban and administrative development, which lasted until the XVII century.

In 1703, it was signed the Methuen Treaty, which established the rules for the commercial relations between Portugal and England and allowed to English woolen cloth to enter in Portugal duty free; but the treaty also allowed to the Portuguese wine (mainly produced in Oporto) to enter in England with only a third less duty in contrast to French imported wines.

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