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Crab monster

The mutated Opawiwato warrior.

"You mean there are more of you monsters around here?"
"We were not always monsters.
James Sterling and the Opawy Wato tribe chief[src]

The Opawy Wato natives were the native inhabitants of the island of Opawy Wato.


"Opawy Wato. An ancient volcano worshiped by a tribe of bloodthirsty warriors."

Located on the island of Opawy Wato, the natives lived a savage life. Their island was one of the most dangerous places in the Caribbean Sea. They were known to worship the golden idol as their deity.

During the first half of the 18th century, the figurehead of the pirate ship Nemesis washed on the shore of Opawy Wato. Follishly thinking that she's some goddess, they replaced their sacred idol with the figurehead. The angry deity brought upon them a terrible curse which transfomed the natives into crab-like monsters.


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