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Opau Iato
Opawy Wato
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North America


Caribbean Sea

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Crab monster


Opawy Wato natives

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Armada of the Damned

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Armada of the Damned

"Opawy Wato. An ancient volcano worshiped by a tribe of bloodthirsty warriors."

Opawy Wato was a volcanic island in the Caribbean populated by a tribe of bloodthirsty warriors. It was sometimes described as "the Caribbean's most dangerous island".

History Edit

In the early 18th century, the Opawy Wato natives discovered "the wooden woman" on a beach (actually the figurehead of the Nemesis), and, mistakingly believing that she's some goddess, they placed her on the altar of their sacred golden idol. But by removing the idol, they brought a terrible curse on themselves, a curse which transformed them into crab-like monsters.

James Sterling visited this island at least twice during his pirate career. The first time he went there to find the figurehead of the Nemesis. The second time he was looking for some powerful weapon[1].

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Shortly before the boss battle, Sterling finds the golden idol. If he choose to keep it, the island will be overrun by the crab creatures and the local village will be burned to the ground. In that case, the island becomes a volcanic wasteland. But if Sterling chooses to return the idol to the natives, their curse will be lifted.
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