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Dead Man's Chest

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At World's End


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Jonathan Linsley

"Let them taste the triple guns."
"Aye, Captain.
Davy Jones and Ogilvey[src]

Ogilvey was the head gunner serving aboard the Flying Dutchman under the command of Davy Jones around the time of the search for the Dead Man's Chest.


"Get back! Back!"
Will Turner to Ogilvey and his fellow crewmen[src]

The crew of the Dutchman gradually took on characteristics of sea creatures over time, slowly taking away their humanity. Ogilvey's transformation was particuarly startling, as his face had lost all humanity. A single red eye peered out from a grimy, coral-like countenance dominated by a twisted mouth. He spoke with a gravelly tone, and commonly wore a bandana. He fought with a hook and carried a sword.

Ogilvey human

Ogilvey in human form.

Ogilvey was one of the crew members who attacked Will Turner during Jack Sparrow's attempt to settle his debt with Davy Jones. After Clanker, Ogilvey attacks Will. He sliced open Ogilvey's gut with a flaming sword, spilling fish and chum onto the deck. While Will was distracted by watching Ogilvey scream and fall over, Crash hits him with his sawfish bone sword. Ogilvey returned aboard the Flying Dutchman with the rest of the crew. Later, Ogilvey stood next to Will and watched the game of liar's dice. He was amongst those who summoned the Kraken to destroy the Edinburgh Trader, and was one of the crew members who killed the survivors on Jones' orders. He commanded the Flying Dutchman's cannons during the battle against the Black Pearl, and was ordered by Davy Jones to fire the chase guns, causing considerable damage to the Black Pearl.

Ogilvey remained onboard when the East India Trading Company assumed control of Davy Jones, his ship and its crew. He manned the Flying Dutchman's cannons around Calypso's maelstrom, and was part of the group that surrounded William Turner as William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner removed his son's heart after Davy Jones' death. Ogilvey later returned to his human form and served Will Turner when he assumed command of the Flying Dutchman.[1]

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