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'My Lyfe Amonge the Pyrates'

J. Ward

Publication information:


"Who is this Captain Ward? And what treasures did he record?"
"I'm surprised no one has translated the book. It was published in England about fifteen years ago. Sold very well, I gather.
My Lyfe Amonge the Pyrates, by Capt. J. Ward."
Christophe-Julien de Rapièr and Jack Sparrow[src]

My Lyfe Amonge the Pyrates was an apocryphal pirate book published in England in the 1710s. Written by Capt. J. Ward, it described and explained many of Pirate Lores and maritime legends.

About the book

"I have something here for you, lad. I was going to give it to you on your birthday, but I think you should have it now. I know you'll enjoy it. You have a good imagination, and this is a book that tells of great adventures. It also has a lot of legends in it, legends about treasure."
"Aye. Treasure.
Angus MacFarlin and Cutler Beckett[src]

The author of the book spent many years among the pirates, and collected all the stories and legends he heard. When he returned to England, he decided to write a book. Since he wanted to stay anonymous, he used a pen name to sign the book. Edward Teague obtained a copy of the book, and gave it to his young son Jack Sparrow for reading. Cutler Beckett was also given a copy of the book, and from it learned of the lost island of Kerma and the treasure of Zerzura.

Behind the scenes

  • The concept of this fictional book may be based on Daniel Defoe's "A General His-Story of Pyrates".


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