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Mutiny is a musical theme composed by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It appeared as third track on the film's soundtrack.

Track descriptionEdit

Mutiny Sample

Angelica and the Queen Anne's Revenge's themes as heard in "Mutiny".

Mutiny Sample 1

Excerpt of "Mutiny" with Angelica and the Queen Anne's Revenge theme.

Mutiny Sample 2

Excerpt from "Mutiny" with the Queen Anne's Revenge theme overlayed with "Underwater March".

The track is a mix of old action themes, including themes heard in "Swords Crossed", "Bootstrap's Bootstraps" and "Underwater March" from the The Curse of the Black Pearl, as well as the Queen Anne's Revenge theme. The track features Rodrigo y Gabriela.

The track begins with an aggressive cello ostinato doubled by Rodrigo y Gabriela. There is then a variation on the first few bars of "He's a Pirate", followed by Angelica's syncopated two note motif in an uncharacteristic action setting. A version of cursed pirate's theme from "Swords Crossed" continues the track, with added accents on the strong beats. There is then an action variation of the Queen Anne's Revenge theme, which is followed by a statement of the ending theme from "Underwater March". There are then various statements of the skeleton pirate's theme. The track finishes with a final variation on "He's a Pirate".

As the title suggests, "Mutiny" is played during Jack Sparrow's mutiny aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge.


  • The first 20 seconds of the official release is not part of the demo; it can be heard at the beginning of "The Spaniards".
  • Of the current Pirates sequels, this track is the only reprisal of the "Underwater March" theme from The Curse of the Black Pearl.
  • The excerpts from "Swords Crossed", "Bootstrap's Bootstraps" and "Underwater March" can be viewed as a minor theme for the zombies in the context of the fourth film. Although only heard the one time, the zombies themselves do not play as prominent a part for the remainder of the film.
  • Zimmer wanted the score for On Stranger Tides to have a more "organic" feel, i.e. composing for a greater variety of live instruments as opposed to synthesisers. He stated however that he found it difficult to get the rugged basslines he desired for his work—for example the beginning of this track—using this approach.


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