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Mr. Krill
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Escape from Saint Martin


British Royal Navy

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales


Justin Smith


Mr. Krill was an Officer in the British Royal Navy stationed in Saint Martin under Lieutenant John Scarfield.

Biography Edit

After escaping her jail cell, the supposed witch Carina Smyth tried to hide from the Royal Navy during the opening of the Bank of Saint Martin, only to be chased through the town by Mr. Krill and another officer. However, she was able to escape from the two officers by hiding underneath a carriage.

Mr. Krill then met up with Scarfield, afraid of what the Lieutenant would do to him. Krill informed him that she had escaped capture. Scarfield threatened to hang Krill instead of Carina if the Officer could not find her.

Behind the scenes Edit

Appearances Edit

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