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A Moonstone.

"It's a moonstone. Parvati gave it to me. She said it would protect me."

A moonstone was a very smooth stone. Throughout the Golden Age of Piracy, it was used as necklaces and treasure.


When Jack Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl visited Sri Sumbhajee's palace, Carolina was given a moonstone from Sumbhajee's wife Parvati. She told her that it would protect her and that she would let her keep it if she and the crew were able to find Sri Sumbhajee's assassin. They did so, and Carolina was able to keep it.[1]

During his attempt to conquer the Caribbean, the undead pirate Jolly Roger placed a curse on the moon. When Jack Sparrow got wind of Jolly's plan, he stole the ancient Aztec relic called the Moonstone from one of Jolly Roger's henchman. Now his curse can be broken and only affects those on land, not at sea.[2]


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