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In the treasure cave at Isla de Muerta



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Weapon(s) owned

2 swords

Ship(s) captained or crewed

Black Pearl


Cursed crew

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Curse of the Black Pearl

Last appearance

The Curse of the Black Pearl


Body destroyed by explosion


Michael Earl Lane


Monk was a crew member serving aboard the Black Pearl under Captain Jack Sparrow and, following the mutiny, Hector Barbossa. He has Swords, one of them was stolen by Jack and given to Will Turner during the battle at Isla de Muerta that followed. He was one of the three pirates which stayed on Isla de Muerta with Barbossa, Sparrow and Turner.

Biography Edit

Monk joined the crew of Captain Jack Sparrow prior to the search for Isla de Muerta, and served under Sparrow until the night of Barbossa's mutiny. Monk and the rest of the crew stood by Barbossa against Jack, who was then marooned while the crew, now serving Barbossa, continued on to Isla de Muerta. There, they took the treasure of Hernán Cortés and spent it all on life's pleasures. It was only later that the crew realized the treasure was cursed. Monk found himself unable to die, and unable to feel neither pleasure nor pain. Under moonlight, he and the crew became walking skeletons, and the undead men began their quest to return all eight hundred and eighty two gold coins to Isla de Muerta.

Monk, Jacoby and Clubba impaled.

The cursed Weatherby, Jacoby and Monk impaled.

Years later he participated in the attack on Port Royal, slaughtering many civilians. He and the rest of the cursed crew returned to the Pearl with Elizabeth Swann as a prisoner. 

At Isla de Muerta, Monk was knocked into the water by Jack Sparrow, who took his sword and gave it to Will. Once Monk was out, Will shoved a pot on his head. Once he got it off he was hit by Elizabeth Swann with a gaffe. Turner and Swann teamed up to spear Jacoby along Monk and Weatherby together on the gaffe. Will placed a grenade inside Jacoby's skeletal form, and pushed him out of the moonlight, trapping it in his flesh-and-blood body. Jacoby exploded, and Monk and Weatherby were killed in the explosion.

Behind the scenes Edit


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