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  • Just in case you were wondering why I haven't edited in a long time, it's because I found something I like more than Pirates of the Caribbean (no offense). Please don't get mad, but I think I will stop editing here. I just wanted to say goodbye, and I thank ye, for helping me to learn to edit here, and fixing my mistakes, Good luck editing, and may you reach 30,000 edits soon!

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  • Why are you deleting legitimate content of an aditional project for a game remake?

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  • Why did you delete the real Pike and 3 other pages? Unidentified pirate (shot by Pike), 7 men killed by ghost pirates, and Unidentified soldier (killed by Quartermaster). I just wanted them to have their own pages, because I like background characters.

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  • Just curious, mate: where'd you get the latest HD DMTNT pics?

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    • You can find a lot of high quality screencaps and promotional photos on this website. That's the official website of Disney's representative office in Russia. Others I take myself from the videos released on the official POTC Facebook page. You can also find some on numerous fan pages around the web. This person collects all Salazar-related images and if there are any high quality pics online he/she will have them.

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  • I just made my first attempt at writing an article here.  I'm new to creating articles from scratch, so it's possible I've left something to be desired, but I did my best, so I thought I'd ask for feedback.  But I gave it a notice that it needs an image, a quote, a proper format, plenty of links, and a list of appearances, so I think I did a good job.

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  • Excuse me, I'm new to this wikia and I am happy to be here but I want to know what rules there are to follow so I don't cause problems. I ask because I know wikia's have requirements that are to be upheld and I want to make sure my edits are acceptable.

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  • Firstable sorry for my english.

    I'm an admin of Pirati dei Caraibi wiki (the Italian POTC wiki). And I have some questions about DMTNT...

    I hate DMTNT, I think that we should NOT consider it as a POTC film because it has too many mistakes with the rest of the saga's plot. As we all know, some of these concern the compass, the Wicked Wench, Jack's hat, timeline and Jack Sparrow's bone trinket. But there are other plot holes in this horrible film:

    A) With the destruction of the Trident of Poseidon and the consequent end of all the se curse, Will Turner shouldn't be dead? Stabbing Davy Jone's heart and becoming the Dutchman's captain was the only way to save Will from the death...if the curse is broken Will should have become dead again. Isn't it?

    B) The same thing for Salazar. In Salazar's flashback we see that he and his crew were cursed AFTER their death. With the destruction of the curse, they should have come back to the death. 

    C) How does Salazar know about the existence of the compass and also about his powers?

    D) How does Salzar know the identity of Jack Sparrow. He just saw Jack at a grat distance.

    E) It was too difficult for writers go on wikipedia and see that Saint Martin has never been ruled by the British.

    F) It was absolutely NOT necessary to dissipate the reputation of old Galileo. It was enough to invent another name...This is disinformation.

    G) Carina is schizophrenic. She says "I'm a woman of science. I choose not to belive in ghosts." But she is searching for the Trident of Poseidon, a mythical weapon. Is she ok??

    This film is illogical and stupid.

    Thank you for your attention. :-)

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    • "I hate DMTNT, I think that we should NOT consider it as a POTC film because it has too many mistakes with the rest of the saga's plot. As we all know, some of these concern the compass, the Wicked Wench, Jack's hat, timeline and Jack Sparrow's bone trinket."

      There we disagree. Most of these mistakes can be logically explained.

      A) When the Trident was broken all the missing limbs and body parts of Salazar and his men were restored. Maybe that's how Will's heart found its way back into his body.

      B) I admit that the curse of the Triangle is one of the weakest part of the film because it was never properly explained. But the way I see it, since the curse (this creepy red light) caused their deaths, it's not so impossible that once the curse was broken they were restored to their forms before they entered the Triangle.

      C) Salazar and his men were trapped in the Triangle for many years. They had plenty of time to learn from their victims what they wanted. When the Triangle begins to sink you can see wrecks of several ships. It's possible Salazar interrogated their crews before he killed them.

      D) The same answer as in C.

      E) Finding historical accuracy in Pirates of the Caribbean is almost like seeing Nessie or a Yeti. Be grateful that there's any. As Ann C. Crispin, the author of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom, once said, "The important thing to understand is that this is not our world. It’s an alternate universe."

      F) I have nothing against a little "secret history". The whole franchise is full of incorrect informations but that doesn't change anything about the real people, items or events that were featured in it.

      G) Was Heinrich Schliemann a schizophrenic when he searched for Troy, a mythical place?

      The films has its problems, but I wouldn't go so far to call it stupid.

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    • I understand other points except for A and G.

      A) I know that. I think I have not explained well. I will make a example: we have three consequent points: 

      1 Will/Salazar is live

      2-Will/Salazar dies

      3-Will/Salazar become cursed 

      If we delete point 3 we go back to point 2 not to the point 1. Will's curse as like as Salazar's was the only way to safe them from the death. If this curse are broken, the only way to safe them from the dead is broken, so they should have to come back as they were just before being cursed, dead. 

      G) About Schliemann I can tell you that you can not make a comparison between Troy and Poseidon's Trident.Troy was just a city built by normal humans. The Trojan War narrates in the Iliad has a real historical foundation. Most historians think that the famous war was the concequence of a mycenaean invasion in the area of Troy in order to obtein the rule of thecommercial route on the Black Sea. The popular tradition has made the poems that we know. But the Trident of Poseidon is different think. It's just a symbol, a weapon of a god, gods couldn't exist. The trident is just a idiomatoc symbol created by the greeck iconography, the traditional divine attribute featured in many ancient depictions. The trident is a symbolic object, Troy was a specific place in a specific location in a real world.

      Of course DMTNT far far away than the other four films. In the other episodes there aren't too many mistakes an plot holes. In the other films there aren't so many coincidence: everything happens for casualities in Saint Martin (Jack Sarrow was there, Carina was there, Henry arrived there, Shansa was there...), Carina was casually the Barbossa's daughter (this was the death of the logic, we are in POTC not in Beautiful).The other films have a simple and linear story, while DMTNT is a mass and a disaster. I hope there won't be a 6th film. Also the hypothetical return of Davy Jones is an horrible aspect. Just for money...the dmned money...DMTNT is the murderer of POTC magnificence. 

      And I also have another question: Did Disney give some explanations about the mistakes about the compass and about the Wicked Wench's origins? Because these are very serious mistakes. It almost seems that Disney ignored the events of The Price of Freedom. This is a very serious problem. And I think that say that Jack obtained the Wench by Morgan and then he reobtained it by Beckett it's too easy and not credible. It would be more correct to say the truth, that Disney has (unfortuntely) given two different versions of the story. The same for the compass, the hat and the trinket.

      Thank you. ;-)

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    • A) You'll have to ask Jeff Nathanson and Terry Rossio for explanation. They wrote the story. Not me.

      G) You'll have to read the prequel novel The Brightest Star in the North: The Adventures of Carina Smyth. In it Carina begins her search for the Trident of Poseidon. She's is not searching for it because the Trident is supposedly a magical object. She's searching for it because Galileo also searched for it, because he believed it was real, and he never found it. If she could find it she could prove herself, a woman, as a scientist greater than Galileo and take her rightful place among the great scientists of her time.

      "Just for money...the dmned money."

      You have finally realized what makes the world go round. Welcome to the grown-up world. Of course they are making these movies for money. People who are doing something out of the goodness of their heart are an endangered species.

      "Did Disney give some explanations about the mistakes about the compass and about the Wicked Wench's origins?"

      No, they didn't. Probably because they don't even know they made them. As for the compass, even before DMTNT the backstories about the compass were inconsistent. The first source was DMC, which said Jack bartered the compass from Tia Dalma. The second source was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Visual Guide which said Jack acquired the compass from Tia Dalma seven years before the battle of Isla de Muerta. The third source was Terry Rossio who said Jack already had the compass before Barbossa's mutiny, and thanks to the compass he knew where to search for Isla de Muerta. The fourth source was the short comic The Compass of Destiny! which shows Tia Dalma giving the compass to Jack before his first search for Isla de Muerta. The fifth source was The Price of Freedom in which Tia Dalma gave him the compass shortly before he was 20. The author of the novel, Ann C. Crispin, specifically asked the guys at Disney if she could put the compass in the book, and they said yes. You can see our conversation with her here. The confusion created by DMTNT is not such a big problem as some people think. As for the Wicked Wench, I wonder if Jeff Nathanson even knows about The Price of Freedom because the Wench in DMTNT looks more a reference to the ride than a serious connection between Jack's present and Jack's past. But there is one tiny hope for salvation. Jerry Bruckheimer says Jack was 18 when he trapped Salazar in the Triangle. In The Price of Freedom he was 25 when Beckett gave him the Wench. That still leaves plenty of time for Jack to lose the Wench and become her captain under Beckett. Hell, we can't even be sure if Morgan really died that day when he gave Jack the compass. When Jack steered the Wench toward the Triangle I didn't see the bodies of Morgan or any other pirate on deck. I know you don't like DMTNT but in some things the film actually helps us. Before DMTNT we had to put the events of The Price of Freedom between the late 1720s and early 1730. In the novel New Providence was still called a pirate-controlled island. In real-world history piracy in New Providence ended in 1718. But now, thanks to DMTNT and Henry Turner's age, the events of The Price of Freedom are pushed back in the 1710s, when New Providence was still ruled by pirates. So you see, not everything that came out of DMTNT is bad.
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  • Who was the bald pirate who fought in Isla de Muerta? Was it Clubba or Weatherby?

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  • I've always wanted to be able to help.  I'd be willing to take on more resonsibilities to help even more.  I know I don't have much of a name for myself, but I figured I'd inquire to how I could get one.

    I've read the requirements for adminship and I might be able to meet them in the long run.  However, I don't have the knowledge to make major article creations or contributions, because I don't know what kinds of sites are safe for me to do research on.  Can you help?

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  • Hello, I wrote the article Shansa's Cave 

    In the article call the player as "The Unknown Pirate", I thought of using it to refer to the player of Tides of War, since the game is in first person, but the character has the appearance and the name of the character are assigned by the player. 

    So I planned to use this name every time I refer to the character and maybe write an article, but considering that you are the administardor, I wanted to know, if you are agree 


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